RWAS Treefelling competition




Royal Welsh Treefelling Competition

Every year the RWAS holds a chainsaw logging and treefelling competition somewhere out in the woodlands of Wales. This years’ competition is a two day event which is taking place in one of the RWAS woodlands in Llanelwedd.

The competition is split into 3 sections “Expert” (previous competitors over 25), “24 years & under” (previous competitors 24 & under) and “Newcomers” (those who have never entered the competition before, of any age).

All competitors must must the necessary qualifications to compete. The competition consists of 5 disciplines that all relate to an operation performed by a forest worker during a working day.

Fitting a new chain, accurately crosscutting a log that is either on the floor or is resting across another log, plus felling a tree and limbing (removing branches). This promotes precision chain saw use within the industry.

Class 1 / Dosbarth 1

Competitors over 24 years old  / Cystadleuwyr dros 24 oed

1st          -             Mark Edwards                  1af

2nd         -             Gethin Hughes                2il

3rd          -             Andrew Townsend         3ydd

Class 2 / Dosbarth 2

Previous Competitors 24 and under  / Cystadleuwyr blaenorol 24 neu iau

1st         -             Connor Lewis                   1af


Class 3 / Dosbarth 3

New Competitors 24 and under  / Cystadleuwyr newydd

1st          -             Adrigh Cole                       1af

2nd         -             Rhys Perkins                     2il

3rd        -             Corey Davies                    3ydd