Mental Health – how are you doing?

Iechyd Meddwl – sut hwyl sydd arnoch?



90 Minutes

Farmers' Union of Wales

Mental Health - how are you doing?

The FUW made a commitment at the Royal Welsh Show in 2017 to keep the spotlight on mental health issues for as long as it remains a problem in our rural communities.

Approaching the fifth year of awareness raising and doing everything we can to help break the stigma, we ask - how are you doing? Together with the leading farming charities in Wales we take a look at what has changed, how far we have come and what issues still remain.


Kate Miles - DPJ Foundation / Sefydliad DPJ

Linda Jones - RABI

Wyn Jones - Tir Dewi

Mark Thomas - Farming Community Network / Rhwydwaith Cymuned Ffemio

Emyr Wyn Davies - FUW / UAC

Linda Jones - RABI
Mark Thomas
Kate Miles - DPJ Foundation
Wyn Jones - Tir Dewi