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NatWest Dream Bigger


Dream Bigger: Challenging Girls to Think Differently

During this NatWest Dream Bigger conversation, you’ll hear about a programme that focusses on developing transferrable entrepreneurial skills in 16-18-year-old females across Wales.

The Dream Bigger programme is aimed at creating a generation of strong, empowered women of the future by inspiring young women to understand their potential and to strive to achieve in their chosen area of interest.

The aim is to drive confidence in preparation for the future world of work and impact the percentage of women who intend to start a business.

Join Siwan Rees, NatWest’s Entrepreneur Development Manager for Wales and  Mandy Powell, The Goodwash Company (English-language version), to find out how participants in the fully funded Dream Bigger programme can:

  • Broaden career horizons and develop awareness of entrepreneurship as a possible future career
  • Develop future skills and capabilities - leading to increased confidence and resilience
  • Bridge the gap between education and the workplace
  • Develop awareness, understanding and self-reflection of themselves and others

A Welsh-language discussion of Dream Bigger: Challenging Girls to Think Differently is available. The English-language event features Mandy Powell of The Goodwash Company, and the Welsh-language event features Megan Coates of Pethau.