BeefQ: Beef Eating Quality Project Progress and Q&A

Since the BeefQ Project launch at the RWAS Winter Fair in 2018 the project team have collected the data required to develop a beef eating quality prediction system for Wales.

In this session, analysis of the carcass survey of 2090 head of cattle from 8 processing sites will be presented. This data characterises the range of beef animals being submitted for slaughter, using the variables measured to predict eating quality, and highlights the problem faced in the beef industry of huge variability in product quality.

Preliminary analysis of data collected at 20 consumer beef tasting events with 1200 consumers across Wales and England, will also be presented. This data provides insights into the preferences of beef consumers in Wales and England and provides the foundation for a beef eating quality prediction model for Wales.

The session will round off with the next steps in the project and offer participants the opportunity to ask questions of the BeefQ project team.

Institute for Global Food Security, Queens University Belfast-nigel